Accord de Montana

Haiti’s Fight for Democracy

Why the Country Must Rebuild Before It Votes

Ashowdown is brewing in Haiti. Ever since President Jovenel Moïse was assassinated in July, it has been an open question who should lead the country next. Immediately after the killing, the country’s interim prime minister served as the de facto head of state. Then, less than two weeks later, the U.S. embassy anointed Ariel Henry, Moïse’s nominee for prime minister, by tweeting an extraordinary statement from a group of ambassadors asking him to form a government. Ever since then, Henry has had a tenuous hold on power, which is growing weaker by the day.



L’Accord du 30 Aout 2021, dit Accord de Montana est un mouvement qui a ouvert la voie, en tout premier lieu, en tant que solution haïtienne à la profonde crise multisectorielle que vit Haïti depuis Juillet 2018.

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