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Q&A: Why Haiti’s ‘mafia state’ needs a homegrown solution

‘We should be the ones who decide who should be our rulers.’

Centred in Port-au-Prince, the violence essentially keeps the capital’s entire population captive, with little or no access to food, healthcare, and other basic services. Gang activity is increasingly spreading to rural areas too, threatening Haiti’s vital domestic food production.

Last October, the UN reported catastrophic levels of hunger in the country for the first time, and some 4.7 million Haitians – nearly half the population – are now suffering from extreme food insecurity. Haiti is also gripped by a new outbreak of cholera, with nearly 600 deaths recorded as of the end of February.



L’Accord du 30 Aout 2021, dit Accord de Montana est un mouvement qui a ouvert la voie, en tout premier lieu, en tant que solution haïtienne à la profonde crise multisectorielle que vit Haïti depuis Juillet 2018.

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